In the digital age, standing in a queue to pay university fees is quite outdated. That’s the reason many universities have introduced their own website, where students can pay the fee or get required information. One such website is TITfees, the official TIT university student website. Moreover, in this article one may find various information such as features, access procedure, fee payment method and more about the portal.

    Overview On TITfees

    Here, TIT stands for Technocrats Institute of Technology which is based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The TITfees is the web based portal which has been designed specially for the students to provide all payments related options under one platform. It is a cutting edge platform that has transformed TITfees payment procedure by making it simple for administration and students both.

    The Key Highlights Of TITfees

    Now comes the major highlight of any web based platform. The features and benefits it offers is what makes it a standout platform. So, here are few of the features of TITfees mentioned below:

    • User Friendly Interface:  The online fee payment platform has a user friendly interface. It ensures that the students have a seamless and lagging free experience. It has been designed in such a way that even the tech experts and introduced new to tech one easily navigate through the features.
    • Safe Transaction: When talking about online transactions, safety is the first thing that clicks in the mind. So, in such cases the online university fee payment site prioritizes safety by implementing robust encryption measures. It guarantees that the sensitive data and information is well protected throughout the complete payment process.
    • Multiple Payment Option: Nowadays, every other being has a different card or payment method. So, keeping such a situation in mind the fee payment platform supports different payment methods. One can choose any of the convenient payment methods according to their choice and needs.
    • Mobile Accessibility: The growing technology has no use if it does not make things easy. Similarly, the fee payment site can be easily accessed on the mobile phone without much worry.

    Hostel Registration

    The online fee payment platform for TIT gives out various benefits. One of such benefits is online Hostel registration. Now, let’s see how one can register for hostel online by following these steps:

    • Open any preferred Browser from an internet connected device.
    • In the search bar option, search for TITfees.
    • From the result visible, choose and visit the official TITfees online.
    • Once the dashboard appears on the screen, the user can scroll down a bit and spot the Hostel registration button.
    • Click on the box and soon you will be directed to the online hostel registration page.
    • Fill in the required information such as: Username, which is also the enrollment number and password. Well, here the password means the date of birth provided to the institute at the time of admission. Password can be written in the form of DD/MM/YYYY.
    • Click on the Login button.

    Referral Intake

    Now in case if the user has any referral or admission query they can raise their query or refer their friends as well. For doing so, one needs to follow the given steps:

    • As mentioned above, access the official TITfees site.
    • Once the homepage is visible, navigate to the Student Referral Intake 2022 – 2026.
    • Soon a google doc file will be visible on the screen. The user whether a student or referral student needs to fill in the information asked for.
    • Information such as: Email Id, Name, Contact no., Reference Name, contact no., Reference city and state and choose a course.
    • Submit the google form. Soon the referral student will get the required information.

    TITfees Fee Payment Method

    Well, the TITfees is a TIT university online fee payment site. One can use this site for various fee payment options. Such as: Health Card, Bus ID Card, Library E-Card and more. Now, teh fee payment method for all of the following is:

    • From an Internet connected device, visit the official TITfees website.
    • Once the official dashboard is visible, the user can navigate to any of the fee payment category.
    • Choose the category and soon the students will be directed to the login page.
    • Fill in the required information such as: Username and Password.
    • Do not forget, here the username is equal to Student/Enrollment number and the password is the birthdate information in the form of DD/MM/YYYY.
    • Click on the green coloured login button.

    Important notice for late fee submission 

    An important point to be kept in mind while submitting the fees is the deadline. If the student has missed the deadline anyhow they are penalized with a late fee charge. Well,  the late fee is charged on the basis of these mentioned points:

    • Once the deadline is missed, the user needs to pay Rs.25/day maximum amount to be paid is Rs.500 for one whole month.
    • After one month, the students need to pay Rs.500 and Rs. 25/day for up to next three months. The maximum amount to be paid is Rs.1000.
    • After three months Rs.1000 + Rs.25/day is to be paid till the end of semester. The maximum amount to be paid is Rs.2000.



    In conclusion, TITfee is a university fee payment platform. To be more precise, a fee payment platform for the students of Technocrats Institute of Technology. It has evolved as a revolutionary platform and gained immense popularity as well. The features, characteristics, access procedure, fee payment process, and more important details one should be well aware of are mentioned above in the article. One may go through the article before accessing the platform for in depth information.