In the growing technical world, what has taken major attention is the information sharing blogging platform. The blogging platform shares complete and proper reliable information on various categories and tropics. One such blogging site is, the platform provides IT, Technology and science n\based articles. Here, in this article we are going to learn more about the IT blogging site, its features, access procedure, categories and more.


    To start with is a web based IT technology blogging platform. It shares articles and blogs on various fields but the main motive of each and every article is to update the user about the changing technology. Moreover, the main purpose of the article shared is to keep the user updated with the tech information and changes happening in various outfields. Moreover, the features and ease to access procedure adds stars to the platform outlook.

    Unveiling The Characteristics Of

    Now, as we know that is a IT based blogging platform, the main characteristics of the platform is the main attraction of the platform. So, mentioned below are few of the main characteristics of the platform:

    • Variety Available: The Website consists of various articles and blogs each have their own category to be specified. These various categories and articles provide all the necessary information to the user under one platform.
    • Intuitive interface: The site is quite easy to use and hassle free. One does not need to follow any long and time taking registration or login procedure in order to access the site. Moreover, the access procedure of the site has been mentioned below in the article too in detail.
    • Mobile Responsive: The platform is quite operative on every other device. The user just needs a good internet connection in order to access the site. Moreover, the site is mobile responsive as well. Means the user with a mobile device, laptop or computing device can access the site from anywhere and at any time.
    • Free: The blogging platform is quite easy and simple to use. But what brings more attention to the platform is that the blogging site is free to use. One does not need to pay a single penny in order to access the site.

    How To Access

    How To Access

    The IT Tech web based blogging site has a simple and easy access. One does not need to follow any lengthy registration or login procedure in order to access the site. Moreover , the user just needs a internet connected device and follow the mentioned steps to  access the platform:

    • Open any of the preferred browser from an internet connected device.
    • Search and from the SERP’s navigate to the official website.
    • Once the official dashboard appears on the screen, the user can navigate to various articles present over.
    • One can even spot the categories field on the lower bottom of left hand side.
    • The user can go through the article in detail for more information.

    The Categories Available On

    As mentioned above, the lower bottom of the left hand site consists of various categories the platform has. These categories make the navigation process quite simple and easy to surf. Moreover, few of the categories of the platform are as follows:

    • Business: Under the business category of the platform on may find articles and full fledged blogs  related to some known business ideas. It also covers information on various well established businesses and their tech development ideas.
    • Gaming: The Gaming section talks about various games and how it has developed with the introduction of technology and advancement in the IT field. The articles share information that can be quite helpful for the game enthusiasts and also shares knowledge.
    • Financial: The Financial category of the platform shares articles which consist of tips and tricks related to financial advice. Moreover, the article also consist information about tech financial tips and more.
    • TechNews: Under the Technews category  its shares articles and blogs on recent tech related updates. From new launches to tech development it all covered up her under the tech news category.
    • Streaming: The Streaming category of the platform covers or shares information through articles and blogs that talks about various streaming platforms and technology it uses.

    Security and Privacy on

    Now, the main highlight of any online platform is the safety and reliability point. So, going through the information we have come to a conclusion that is quite safe and secure. As the blogging platform does not follow any login or registration process. It doesn’t have direct access to the user information. But at the same time the platform uses log files that store sensitive data such as IP addresses. Hence, it is suggested for the best that the user uses any of the VPN to access the site. 


    The Information related to is based on our own research. The article is for educational purposes only. Moreover, one may visit the official site before relying on the information. However, move forward at your own risk.


    In conclusion, is a blogging platform that conveys information about IT, Technology and science. Moreover, the articles shared on the web based platform keeps the user up to date with latest and trending tech development in various fields. From the features to access procedure, services and much more information about the platform has been shared above in the article .One may go through the article for in depth information.