In the growing technological world, the 21st century is all about online web based systems. One can easily find an online platform for each and every task to take place. Similarly, many educational platforms that help the students in studies and enhance their knowledge, except from the School boundary, have been introduced. One such educational website known to the users is Teachmint. Here, in this article we dive deep to know more about the educational site, its features, pricing structure and more.  

    What is teachmint?

    Teachmint is a web based global classroom technology. The online platform provides a connected experience to all the users from pre class planning to in class teaching and post class engagement. It is also known as an Integrated platform for modern school management. The AI powered classroom technology has its base in 50+ countries and functions in 17 Languages as well.

    The Main Highlight Of The Teachmint

    The main highlight of any online platform is the features and benefits it offers. Therefore, mentioned below are few of the main highlight that is the characteristics of the online teachmint platform:

    • Data Privacy:  The site is easy to access and also stores information. But at the same time it protects the user data and avoids the misuse of the data as well. So, one can easily trust and provide their data on the site. Moreover, it is the user’s own personal choice to do so.
    • Support: The site is quite safe as it provides great customer support. The main attraction of the platform is 365 days customer support alongside seamless start and complementary expert guidance. Moreover it also provides a three year on site warranty.
    • System Support: The online educational platform Teachmint can be easily accessed on different systems as well. All one needs is a good internet connection. Whether it is a mobile phone or a computing system it can be easily used in all the devices.
    • Accessibility: Moreover, the user needs to pay a penny to access the site. They also need to follow the given steps in order to access the site successfully. Well, the access steps have been mentioned below that too in detail.

    Get Set Read with teachmint

    The access procedure of the web education site Teachmint is quite simple and easy. But do not forget the access of the site is allowed to a few students only. Why and How? The answer to the arisen question has been given below in step to step process.

    Sign Up Process information

    The Educational platform can be accessed by the students who are a member of the registered institute. To access the site the institute needs to register themselves on the Platform and have the license to use the platform as well. Through this platform one can manage every need of the institution. Such as: Higher Education, K-12, and Academic Coaching Centers as well.

    Login Procedure Of Teachmint

    Once the University or any Institute have successfully registered themselves, they provide the login information to the students as well. The login procedure of the platform is as follows:

    • From an Internet connected device, visit the official TeachMint website.
    • Once the dashboard appears on the screen, the user can navigate to the login option given above in the right hand side corner.
    • Soon the Login page will appear on the screen. Fill in the login information asked for: that is the Email Id or Mobile Number.
    • Th user will receive an OTP on their mail or mobile number, fill in the OTP in the given space.
    • Soon the user will be redirected to an Account Detail page, fill in the information to create an account.
    • Now, the user can avail the education benefits, platform has to offer.

    Services Availables On Teachmint Platform

    When it comes to accessing the site one needs to know and understand the services and benefits it offers. So, mentioned below are few of the services offered by Teachmint:

    • Student Attendance: The platform tracks down the student attendance with easy reporting and biometric integration. One can easily have the attendance data in hand without going through much process.
    • Report Card: The platform also shares students’ performance reports and report cards. It helps to track down the student performance across examinations and tests. This for sure can improve the upcoming performance without fail.
    • Homework: It shares homework which can help the students to learn better. Moreover, the completion graph of the homework is also shared with the parents or guardians whose information has been provided.
    • Study Material: Before exams one does not need to access thousands of the site. The platform provides each and every required study material at one platform. It shares the learning content with the users quite easily.
    • Tests: The students can also give multi format online tests and test their capability. The educational website provides these services in order to enhance the knowledge of the students.

    The Pricing Structure Of Teachmint

    The pricing structure of the Teachmint platform is similar to any learning and teaching platform. It’s pricing structure is also divided into three plans. These plans are as follows:

    The Basic Plan

    Under the basic plan one gets somewhat few of the site benefits. These beneficial points include:

    • Student Information System
    • Classroom Management
    • Study Material
    • Homework and Assessment
    • Teacher Student Chat

    The Advanced Plan 

    The people with Advance plan can revive various features and benefits the site has to offer. Moreover it offers so many of benefits that one can not get enough of. So, the beneficial points are:

    • Fee Management and Custom Fee Reports
    • Admission Management and ID card
    • Transport Management and Certificate Generator
    • Lesson Planning
    • Admit card

    The Pro Plan 

    The pro plan is a mixture of both Advance and basic plan. Well, alongside it also offers few of its own benefits. So, the beneficial point under the pro plan is as follows:

    • Each and Every point under the Advanced Plan
    • Automated Timetable
    • Report Card


    The information related to Teachmint is based on our own research. The information is shared for educational purposes only. However, one may visit the official site for more in depth information. Even to recheck the shared information, one can navigate to official site.


    In conclusion, Teachmint is a web based educational platform. It is a complete platform that contains every necessary resource which can be used by the learner or students in order to enhance their knowledge. Moreover, its features, services, the proper access procedure alongside every needed information has been discussed above in the article.