In this rapidly evolving digital world, it is essential to ensure that applications

    are secure and compatible across different browsers. Testers and developers need 

    to apply robust testing techniques designed for Microsoft as users now prefer Microsft Edge over any other browsers. Therefore, prioritizing compatibility with Microsoft Edge becomes important for website developers as this browser continues to evolve in the browser market.

    To make our website application testing much more precise and well organized, using Microsoft Edge’s Online developer platform is a better option than traditional testing approaches. Microsoft Edge Browser is a free browser that provides a broad range of characteristics and functions and is the default browser for operating systems like Windows 10 and Windows 11. Additionally, this is used to save the tester’s time and effort.

    In this article, we will discuss the testing on Microsoft Edge Bowser online, its importance, environment setup, and advanced testing tips and tricks. 

    Understanding the Microsoft Edge browser

    Microsoft Edge, pre-installed on all Windows 10 devices is a web browser that is not as popular as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome but still holds an important market share. It is armed with AI-enhanced security control and advanced security features. 

    Overview of online testing on Microsoft Edge 

    Nowadays, Microsoft Edge is a widely used web browser that provides a user-friendly interface, security, stability, and integration with Microsoft services.  

    The main purpose of these online tests is to ensure that Microsoft Edge provides a compatible browsing experience across numerous apps online, devices, and various operating systems. To ensure that the website looks and works the way you want it to be then, using online testing on Microsoft Edge is one of the finest decisions.

    Why testing on Microsoft Edge is important? 

    There are various reasons why testing on Microsoft Edge is important.

    Below are some points that will acknowledge you with the importance of testing on Microsoft Edge.

    • Several unique features such as web notes and Cortana integration could impact the working of the site.
    • Using Microsoft Edge to test the website will ensure the proper working of the website for all your visitors. 
    •  There is a constant addition of new features to Microsoft Edge, so using the latest version to test the browser will ensure the compatibility of the site.
    • Using Microsoft Edge ensures that the website appears the way users want it to.

    Setting up the testing environment

    Having a robust testing environment in place is a must for any development project and is extremely essential in the case of browsers like Microsoft Edge. 

    The important elements required to set up a steady testing environment are summarized below.

    • Microsoft Edge browser

               Most importantly Microsoft Edge Browser must be installed in the device

                that is being used. To have accuracy while testing the application,

                it is to be made sure that you are using the most recent reliable version.

    • Developer tools

               Microsoft Edge provides the availability of several developer tools for testing

                as well as debugging. Insights are offered by these tools in many

                elements such as CSS styles, JavaScript issues, network activity, HTML             

                structure, and many more. Learning the use of these resources, the tools will 

                come in very handy while taking the test.

    • Testing frameworks

    Based on the specifications of the project, testing frameworks like Puppeteer or Selenium need to be accommodated. These frameworks help in creating scripts that mimic user interaction and ensure the proper testing of the website application in various browsers

    • Compatibility testing

               It is to be made sure that the testing system in use allows for compatible 

               testing with different versions of Microsoft Edge.

    • Version control

    To skillfully handle the testing setup environment and codebase,  version control systems such as Git, Apache Subversion, Monotone, etc. should be used. Version control makes sure that the user’s testing environment is tracked and reversed when required. It also makes code reviews easier.

    • Browser extension 

    To improve the testing ability, Microsoft Edge provides numerous features and utilities. For this, the user needs to scrutinize the available browser extensions designed especially for Microsoft Edge testing. Some specific extensions may provide various functions such as accessibility verification, performance analysis, automated testing, and compatibility testing with different versions of Edge.

    • Virtual machines or cloud testing services

    The user should make use of cloud testing services or virtual machines to have profound testing across various versions of browsers and operating systems. These platforms let the user test their applications over several environments without the need for a physical device.

    •  Documentation and knowledge sharing

    Keeping a record of the extensions, environment setup, and tools used in the testing procedure helps the team members refer to the documentation when needed. This is especially helpful for newly hired developers to begin the project.

    Advanced testing tips and tricks with Microsoft Edge

    Mentioned below are some tips to create effective automated tests on Microsoft

    Edge. By following these tips the compatibility and effectiveness of the website can be made sure.

    • Ensure that the tests are thorough and that all the chief functionality of the website is covered. This can be done by creating tests for all the different user journeys on the site.
    • To make your tests automated use tools like LambdaTest. This ensures the saving of time and money and always keeps your tests up-to-the-minute.
    • Headless browsers ensure headless testing without the need for a GUI. This also makes important improvements in terms of resource utilization and execution duration.
    • To check if the website looks correct in Microsoft Edge screenshots can be used. It is really helpful in spotting any layout issues that may occur in Edge only.
    • To check if the data on the website is correct assertions can be used. It is mainly used in e-commerce sites where the proper display of products and prices is required.
    • To assess a website application’s performance under different load scenarios usage of performance testing is essential. This can be done with the help of WebDriveIO, Selenium, JMeter, etc. 
    •  It is a must to make the websites accessible, to ensure a bias-free user experience. Using tools like Axe and Pally web applications can be automatically tested.
    • To examine and upgrade the performance of online applications, developers

    may use Microsoft Edge Developer Tools. DevTools even provides developers the option to profile CPU, network, memory, and rendering performance within the Edge Browser. DevTools’ connection with testing frameworks like LambdaTest has made automated performance testing more accessible.

    • To examine online user behavior Microsoft Clarity is an efficient tool to do so. By including Microsoft Clarity in the testing procedure the developers can learn a lot about the user’s interaction with Microsoft Edge.
    • For accurate testing across various versions of browsers and operating systems, cloud testing services or virtual machines can be used.  By providing access to several browser setups, these platforms let the user test their application on distinguished environments.

    Testing and optimization best practices

    An effective testing process can be attained by establishing a robust testing environment, developer tools, AI-powered test orchestration and execution platforms like LambdaTest, and version control systems. Problems can be detected by developers early and fixed ensuring an impeccable user experience by embodying automated testing, headless testing, accessibility testing, and performance testing. 

    Additionally, by implementing testing and optimization best practices, like automation scripting, comprehensive test plans, and responsive regression testing, developers can easily identify compatibility issues early. 

    Coordinated effort and discipline are required to achieve continuous compatibility with Microsoft Edge. Mentioned below are some of the finest practices for testing and optimizing.

    • Try automation scripting by recording interactions for replay checks.
    • Make use of comprehensive test plans to align evaluation scope across browsers, devices, and network conditions.
    • To confirm breakpoints and styling across viewport sizes use responsive regression tests.
    • Follow-up regression testing can be utilized to retest fixes and detect new defects.
    • Change syncs is used to notify developers about updates.
    • Remediation Sprints can be utilized to rapidly resolve verified errors.
    • Optimization hygiene continually tunes fonts, scripts, and images.
    • Auditing and monitoring can be used to develop dashboards for tracking compatibility defects.
    • Performance Benchmarking can be used to quantify speed metrics.

    Automate your tests on Microsoft Edge using LambdaTest

    With automation platforms, it can be much easier and faster to do cross-browser testing. LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform that is used to run both manual as well as automated tests at scale. The platform allows its users to perform real-time and automation testing across 3000 environments and real mobile devices.

    It is a platform that makes the testing of websites on Microsoft Edge and other browsers much more easy and convenient. With LambdaTest, the developer can run the same tests on various browsers without changing the scenario, making cross-browser testing more efficient and easy.

    Additionally, LambdaTest provides numerous features that make testing on Microsoft Edge effortless. For instance, the user can take screenshots of their website on Edge as well as on other browsers, this provides effortless comparing of the look of the user’s website in different browsers. 


    In conclusion, it is a crucial task to ensure the compatibility, security, and performance of online apps on Microsoft Edge. But by following the advanced tips and tricks, the user can be sure that the automated tests are efficient and will help to keep the website compatible with Microsoft Edge. 

    By using all these advanced techniques and approaches in the testing process, good-quality web applications can be produced by the developer which provides the user with an improved Edge browsing experience.

    Hope this article provides you with advanced testing tips and tricks on the Microsoft Edge browser and helps you to proceed with a good experience.