Education is the major source by which we dream to build a strong future. To get a top-notch education, we at times desired to enroll ourselves in the best universities and courses. Therefore, to do so, there are several criteria and exams that one needs to go through. In this blog, we are going to explore the JAMB Portal. This portal plays a crucial role in shaping the educational journey for Nigerian students. Hence to acquire the complete and in-depth information, keep reading the blog.

    Overview Of JAMB Portal

    The regulation of admission to higher educational institutions is overseen by the JAMB. JAMB stands for  Joint Admission Matriculation Board. This board was established by The Federal Military Government in 1978. All students who want to continue their education in Nigeria must go through JAMB regularization. To avail of the facilities offered by this platform students need to visit the official JAMB Portal. All the process of application and tracking is made easy with the help of the friendly interface.

    Getting Started with JAMB Portal

    If you wish to build your bright future, with the help of this portal, then you are in the right section of the blog. Here we are going to explore the steps by which you can register and make yourself eligible for the services.

    1. The foremost step is to open any of your desired ‘Browser’ on a device of your choice.
    2. Once the ‘Browser’ is opened, use the address bar to search for the results.
    3. After the SERPs are presented to you, click on the link that directs you to the official website JAMB Portal.
    4. As you enter on the main dashboard, click on the ‘sign in’ option from the top right corner.
    5. Scroll down on the prompted page, and tap on the ‘Create Account’ bar.
    6. On the prompted input boxes, fill in your Email address, and create a strong password.
    7. Upon creation of the password confirm the same password, and hit the ‘Create Account’ button.

    Accessing JAMB Portal

    After your account is created you need to login to the same, to avail of the services. For completion of the same, follow the mentioned steps.

    1. Open any browser, and with the help of the same locate the official website.
    2. From the provided search results land on the main dashboard of the official website.
    3. On the provided menu bar of the homepage, click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
    4. Once the input boxes are provided to you, enter your Email Address and password.
    5. Finally, hit the ‘Sign in’ button to complete the process to avail of the services.

    E-Services Offered at JAMB Portal

    Once you complete the accessibility process, you will get your hands on multiple services offered by the site. Explored, here are some of the top most preferred and sought services by the students.

    • Print Result Slip: Candidates have the option to ask for a printed copy of their result slip.
    • Admission Letter Print: Candidates are able to generate admission letters through this feature. This service can only be accessed by candidates who have been admitted.
    • Correction of Data: Applicants have the option to request changes to their Names, Date of birth, State/Local Government, and Gender. Payment must be made in order to use this service.
    • Condonement of Illegitimate Admission: Apply the deadline for ₦3,500 and allow a wrongly gained admission for ₦5,000. This involves completing a form that will undergo a review process. Approval of the Application results in the issuance of the Registration Number.
    • Application For Change in Admission Letter: Candidates are able to obtain their admission letter for the institution or course they have selected, which may vary from their original choice. After processing, a fresh admission letter can be printed.
    • Retrieval of Registration Number: This service enables candidates to transfer between different institutions in Nigeria.
    • Inter-University Transfer: This service enables candidates to transfer between different institutions in Nigeria.
    • Check Admission Status: Candidates can verify their admission status using this feature. This step must be completed before proceeding to pay for the printing of the Admission Letter. No payment is necessary for this service.

    Disclaimer: All the details provided here are based on our own research and are meant for informational purposes only. Therefore, you must visit the official website before relying on any information to get the latest updates.


    The blog on JAMB Portal carries the gist of the offerings of the site and its accessibility. While you wish to shape your career towards the light. The provided details can act as a guide for you to extract the best for you from this platform. Therefore, give a thorough read to make your navigation on this portal simpler.