The 21st Century is all about Social Sites and the most common one is “Instagram”. Every other person can be easily spotted on the Instagram application. Eventually, nowadays the popularity of any person is measured through their instagram reach. Now, the question arises how to enhance teh Instagram reach. Well, so many online platforms have been introduced till date. One such platform is Inflact. Here, in this article we are going to explore more about the instgram growth solution platform, its features,pricing structure and more.

    Overview on Inflact

    Inflact also known as Ingramer is a platform that provides growth solutions for Instagram users. The enhanced features this platform provides such as creating hashtags, managing engagement and many more can help Influencers, Brands and Business to computerize their task. Through targeted engagement the platform helps the user to reach the right audience. There is a direct messaging feature which helps the user to directly connect with their audience in an effective and efficient manner.

    Features of Inflact

    The Inflact Instagram platform helps the user to engage with the right audience whether they want to be an Influencer or selling and managing their business though the social media platform. When the user uses this platform they are provided with numerous features one can avail. Well, some of these features which can be beneficial for the users, according to my research are as follows:

    • Hashtag Generator: This feature helps to create hashtags that are trending and use it in the content to bring more views and reach higher number of audience.
    • Story Viewer: This feature gives access to 100 of profiles where the user can monitor the activity of each one of them and can also download the stories easily.
    • Adjustable: This tool can be used to manage and adjust when and where necessary on your social media account.
    • Performance Knowledge: The user can easily compare their account performance with their competitors to adjust and develop more in order to cover the performance gap.
    • Various Functionalities: Many tools are available on the platform that can be used to adjust according to your satisfaction.
    • Automatic Increment: The user can easily get likes and followers according to their preferences automatically.
    • Follow and Unfollow System: Using the platform one can easily gain followers by just following and unfollowing the other accounts.
    • Enhanced Filters Available: There are many filters available to have an easy target search and other activities.

    The Access Procedure Of Inflact

    Now that the user knows the various features of the online platform, let’s bring our focus back on the procedure one can follow in order to have an access to the site:

    • From an Internet connected device open any preferred browser.
    • Search and Navigate to the official platform.
    • Once the homepage appears on the screen, the user can navigate to the Sign Up button present at the top right hand corner.
    • Click on the Sign up option. Soon the user will be redirected to the registration form.
    • Fill in the required details such as the Email, Password and Confirm Password.
    • The user also needs to fill in the Captcha that says “I’m not a robot”.
    • Click on the SignUp button. Now the user is successfully registered on the growth solution instagram site.

    The Process to Sign In Of Inflact

    Once the registration process is complete, the user can login into the account easily.  The sign in process one can follow to have the access of Inflact Instagram website is as follows:

    • Firstly, visit the official website of Inflact through any internet connected device.
    • Click on the Sign In button visible at the Top right hand corner, beside Sign Up button.
    • Soon the login form will appear on the screen.
    • Then, fill in all the information such as Email Id and Password in the given space.
    • Next step is to fill the Captcha to verify that the user is not a robot.
    • At last click on “Sign Up” button visible on the screen below the form.

    Note: The User can create or sign up to the platform using their Google Account or Apple Account. 

    Working procedure of Ingramer

    Inflact works on a simple and highly effective AI algorithm. In my opinion, Ingramer target the audience by using some details such as username, language, hashtag and location. The AI generated bot provides the user a platform to organize, schedule and proceed with various activities. When using the Ingramer one has a benefit to adjust the features according to their preference.

    Services Available on Inflact Instagram Platform

    The Inflact Instagram provides various services for a user to avail and have benefits. According to me some of the services Ingramer offers are as follows:

    • Direct Messages: The platform offers an opportunity to the user to send welcome messages to the latest followers. In my opinion the user can have various accounts to chat online and a benefit to send mass messages to the followers at a particular time.
    • Promotional Activity: The computer created solution by AI assist the user to gain real followers and Improve the profile activity.
    • Management of Post: By using the Ingramer platform my experience says that one can create and post stories as well as Instagram posts for various accounts with ease.

    The Pricing Structure Of Inflact

    To avail the benefits offered by the ingrammer platform, one needs to subscribe their id with a plan. Moreover, the platform provides three different pricing structure plans. One can access any of the plans according to their wish. These plans are as follows:

    Basic Plan Advance PlanPro Plan
    One month subscription is for $54.One month subscription is for $64The overall cost of the package is $84
    No discounts or deals availableMonthly membership without any special savingsFor a lengthy commitment and saves 35% of the monthly fee

    Is Inflact Safe and Legal to use?

    To think that an AI generated tool is not safe is quite normal but here the case is different. According to my experience the reason behind suspension of any Instagram account is due to detection of any bot activity and that’s why people think twice before using these platforms. Using the Inflact consistently can be considered safe as it does not contain any virus. The excess amount of real reviews make it a trustworthy and credible platform and is also considered Legal for usage.

    Alternatives Of Inflact

    In the fast growing world increasing the followers on the social media platform and enhancing the  profile is quite easy. All you need to do is use any of the platforms which provide such a facility. Similarly, the alternative and other options the user can use to enhance their profile growth are as follows:

    • Loomly: A portal that allows the user to create and share their content on various social media platforms.
    • Pixelshop: The platform provides different content.
    • Iconosquare: This portal manages different social media platforms to have a better engagement on the different accounts.
    • Kickstart: The platform provides real Instagram followers to boost the reach and promote brand on social media.


    The Information provided in this article about the Ingramer or Inflact is well researched and is for informational purposes only. The Information has been derived from the official website of the platform. Furthermore, If the user wants to explore and  know more about this platform can visit the official website and proceed further at your own risk.


    According to my research, Inflact is an AI generated platform , whose main motive is to increase Instagram engagement and the primary goal of this website is to provide increment in the Instagram followers list, likes and comments. But at the end this website offers all the benefits mentioned above at a cost of their own.