Building any team requires some critical thinking – when it comes to real estate though, you need to think extra hard in order to get together the perfect team. 

    Creating a team to communicate with people, generate leads and close deals, you need to ensure they have what it takes to and are dedicated and passionate about being a real estate agent.

    Creating Your Real Estate Team

    Other than focusing on the people you’re putting in your team, you need to think about other aspects too, let’s look into what they are.

    Prepare Yourself

    Making your real estate team means you will be the one leading them. However, this comes with a lot of pressure, and you have to be certain that you are ready to take on that pressure.

    It is fun to think about leading a team, but actually doing it requires you to keep your goals in focus and on track, alongside all your team members – who all have their own dreams.

    If you are down to be responsible for yourself and everyone else on the team, that is your first step towards building a team, done. 

    Lose Ego and Make Progress

    A big falter in most businesses and team building exercises comes down to ego, whether it be from the leader or someone in the group who thinks they are better than the rest. 

    In this case, since it is your team and you can control everyone to an extent, make sure you do not have an ego. Delegating is an important aspect of reaching peak efficiency in a team, and you need to trust your team members.

    You can not have the attitude of doing it all yourself in order to get the perfect outcome – if you have hired someone to do certain tasks, trust them to do it for you in the right way. You teach them when they come in, but after that you leave it to them.

    Hiring Correctly

    Hiring for real estate agents can become a tedious process especially if you keep getting it wrong. It isn’t out of the ordinary to get a hiring wrong, as people and companies lose millions of dollars doing it. 

    However, you also can not be scared of hiring people. You need to look out for certain traits and attitudes that you want in your office and certain ones you don’t.

    For example, someone that has a track record of missing work or being late will not stop that when they join a new firm, and that is especially negative for you and your team that just started their work. So, make sure that whoever you hire is a part of your field, has relevant knowledge of what you will be doing, and can communicate in a team. 

    If you specifically require something else from your new hirings, also check for that and ask questions that help you identify whether or not they fill the criteria.

    Solid Foundation

    Just as in real estate you want your properties to have a solid foundation, you need that for your team too. 

    Your first hiring should be a team assistant, who is also a real estate agent, and works as your own assistant. 

    This is an employee that you can hold out money on, and you need to pay them aptly as long as they do the work right. However, getting someone who is suitably qualified for this position is necessary. 

    To ensure you’ve got the right person, make them provide a detailed job description, complete an assignment and/or any test you deem fit. 

    Recording Everything

    Making sure everything is recorded is very important in order to avoid miscommunication down the line. Whether it be contractual statements, payment structures or working schedules – make sure everything is known and acknowledged in writing.

    Doing this sets an idea of goals for your team and also disallows any chance of there being confusion of what they are getting and what your expectation from them is. 

    Schedules and Accountability

    Making sure the whole team meets on a regular basis can help with both communication and also to always keep a track of where everyone is with their work.

    For example, as a real estate agent, you would look for the best CRM for real estate agents, and with that you can help keep a track of everything, but that comes with time. To start out, you need to build a strong connection with everyone and make sure the work is taking place for the growth of the company.

    Keep Scouting

    Never give up on growing your team. Just because you have a set team and everyone knows their roles, never stop assessing if someone else might be better or a great addition in general. 

    With more work, you will run into more real estate agents, and others who can contribute to your team significantly – so always keep watch.


    Overall, there are a lot of ways to ensure you get a good team set up – but making sure you do is essential for your long term goals and achieving success.

    Never be stingy with payments, and always keep an open line of communication. If you want your team members to work well, you need them to feel like they can talk to you whenever, and that they are getting compensated well and on time.