In the growing world of technology, investing and trading have become two of the most famous modes of earning. Eventually the technical growth has also seen the introduction of various online trading platforms. One such online web based trading and investing platform we are going to introduce you all to is Algorooms. Here, in this article we dive deep to know more about the trading web platform, its features, access procedure and more information. 

    Know About Algorooms

    The Algorooms website is a web based platform that provides information regarding investment and trading. It is a game changer in the world of trading. The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) powered trading platform unlocks the trading and investing potential with the help of their tools. Eventually the user also gets an opportunity to use the plans made by the experts. One can easily find experts and innovation all at one platform. 

    The Attributes Of Algorooms

    Moreover, what brings limelight to the online platform is the features and benefits it offers. So, mentioned below are few of the characteristics of the algorooms web: 

    • Trading Engine: The users have an option of an intelligent tool for automatic trading and execute the trades as well based on their own defined and created rules. 
    • Strategy Building Wizard: The trading platform revolutionizes the trading process by providing smart strategies without coding. Eventually the user can create as well as sell their own ideas in exchange for monetary access. 
    • Social Trading: The user can even choose the trader strategies after evaluating their performance.  One can even replicate the actions of the traders in their portfolio even without any expertise. 
    • Back Testing: Well, the most beneficial point is that the user can manage their trading differences using the three backtesting options even in the worst case scenario.  

    Get Ready To Trade After Algorooms Registration

    Get Ready To Trade After Algorooms Registration

    To start with one first needs to register themselves on the trading site. Well, the process one can follow in order to register themselves on the platform is as follows: 

    • Using an Internet connected device, open any of the preferred browser
    • Search for Algorooms and visit the official site by navigating through SERPs
    • Once the homepage opens up on the screen, the user can navigate to Get Started button given above 
    • Once the access page opens up on the screen, the user can navigate to the Sign Up button given below the login page next to Don’t have an account section?  
    • Soon the registration page appears on the screen. 
    • The user needs to fill in the Email Id or Client Id in the given space. 
    • Soon, they will receive an OTP on their mail Id. Fill in the OTP in the given spaces
    • Next, fill in the information asked for and soon the registration process will be complete. 

    The Easy Access With Algorooms

    Once registered the user can easily login into the trading portal. To have a successful login procedure one can follow the mentioned steps: 

    • With the help of an Internet connected device, visit the official Algorooms
    • Once the dashboard of the official site appears on the screen, the user can now navigate to the Get started option given at the top right hand corner
    • Once the Login page appears on the screen the user needs to fill in the information. Such as: Email ID and Password
    • Click on the Continue button and soon the user will successfully enter into the trading platforms official site without any hassle.    

    Forgot Password Process Of Algorooms

    In a hectic schedule the user generally forgets their password. Well, Algorooms is quite common nowadays and now the question arises “How to recover the forgotten password?”  The answer to the raised question is quite simple. One needs to follow the given steps in order to recover the Id and password: 

    • Below the login box of the site, one can easily find the Forgot Password? Option
    • Click on the given option, soon a Id recovery form appears on the screen 
    • Fill in the required information, and soon the user will receive an OTP
    • Fill in the OTP in the given box, and soon the user will send an email regarding the password reset.  

    The Pricing Plan Of Algorooms

    Now, to avail the benefits every other person needs to pay an hectic amount. Moreover, the platform asks the users to pay a fixed amount in order to enjoy the services it offers. The pricing structure of the trading Algorooms is further divided into three categories. Each of these plans have their own benefits and features. The pricing Structure goes of like: 

    Pricing PlanFreeUnlimited PlanLimited Plan
    Monthly₹ 0 / day₹ 81/day₹ 48/day
    Quarterly₹  0 / day₹ 69/day₹ 41/day
    Yearly₹ 0 / day₹ 58/day₹ 34/day


    All the information related to Algorooms shared above is based on our own research. The article is shared with the readers for informational purposes only. Eventually one may visit the official site before relying on the shared information.


    In conclusion, Algorooms is a trading and investing web based platform. Moreover, one gets to use the A.I powered platform in order to make smart investment and trade as well. From its features, access procedure to pricing structure all the information has been shared above in the article. One may go through the article before accessing the site for in depth information.