Have you ever encountered the strange code Although parts of this may seem complicated, understanding them can be very helpful! While working on the computer system, one may keep getting the problem message “Disconnected from target VM, address:”. Here, the article defines the issue, it’s solution and more information.

    An Overview Of 127.0.1:62893

    Error occurs when the debugger cannot connect to the port on the target machine. The code consists of two additional parts.

    • This IP address is special; this is called “localhost”. It points to the local computer and works just like a loop address.
    • 62893: This is the port number. Ports are used as entry points for data transmission and reception for several reasons. The Memcached caching system sometimes uses port 62893, although it is not used as often as the other ports.

    Working Process Of

    The process of work is simple and straightforward. It is an application which tries to communicate with another process. Also, It defines the localhost, as the destination which indicates its willingness to interact with something that exists in the same machine. Additionally, the port number, 62893 gives command to the operating system for communicating to the particular program or service. For example, you might have seen a development tool that would use this address for connecting to a local server that runs on your machine with the aim of debugging.

    Introduction of 62893: Possible Applications

    If you are willing to learn about the possible applications related to 62893. Here we have described them below that you can read and understand their functions too. Checkout the information by below-mentioned points:

    • Visual Studio Code Remote Debugging: This well-known development environment often uses port 62893. It uses it for remote debugging. VS Code uses this port to connect to the target machine when you start remote debugging. This allows you to remotely view and control the execution of code.
    • Web frameworks and development tools: During development, many web frameworks and tools such as Django and Flask can use port 62893. Frameworks often use development servers. Servers use this port to allow local testing and debugging before deployment.

    Solutions of issue

    Users may face some problems during the usage of If you are also one of them, then here’s how to fix the error when the user started the task:

    • Start the service: Start the service if it’s not already running. A script or command is usually used when using development tools or web servers.
    • Edit port numbers: Consider specifying a port if your application uses 62893. Do this because of a port conflict or another service is using that port. This can often be done through the program’s settings options.
    • Firewall configuration: If you want to allow traffic on port 62893, you may need to create a firewall exception. To create a firewall exception, every system has their own way to do so.
    • On Windows: Open Control Panel. Select Windows Defender Firewall, then Advanced, Inbound Rules, and System and Security. Add a new rule to port 62893.
    •  Mac/Linux: You can change firewalls using terminal commands like iptables for Linux.
    • Check app-specific settings: some apps require additional settings to work properly. Check the application documentation to see if all necessary settings have been made correctly.
    • Enable network diagnostic tools: You can use tools like lsof (Unix/Linux) or netstat (Windows) to find out if applications are listening on port 62893. If no application is using this port, it probably intends to work on it. There is a configuration problem.

    Troubleshooting the issue

    If you are facing any issue while using the then to solve the problem, the user should take three main steps below:

    • Check if the service is running: Check if the application or service you are trying to access is running on your computer. Whether it’s a web server or a development tool, make sure it’s working properly.
    • Check the port number: Make sure the application is using port 62893. Sometimes the problem occurs because you are trying to access the wrong port.
    • Firewall settings: It is likely that port 62893 is blocked by your computer’s firewall. Check your firewalls to make sure the port is open for local host traffic.

    Is port 62893 open to the public?

    Opening door 62893 to the public is generally not safe for many reasons. So, here we have described them below. You can read them to get the essence of security measurements:

    • Security bugs: An attacker can enter your system through this port if it uses cache and has a bug.
    • DoS attacks: Cybercriminals can crash and crash the system. They do this by launching DoS attacks against port 62893.
    • Unauthorized access: Anyone with an internet connection can try to connect to your Memcached server. Well this also results as an increment in unauthorized use.

    Disclaimer: All the information about is well researched. It is for informational purpose only. The website does not have any connection with the code. So, research well before relying on the information.


    In conclusion, to solve any issue one must be well aware of the part and operation of One can resolve the issue by ensuring that the services are running smoothly. Also, one needs to check port numbers and change the firewall setting accordingly.